XDK API  3.6.0
Data Fields
yas537_t Struct Reference

YAS537 sensor initialization.

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/BSTLib/3rd-party/bstlib/BMI160_driver/bmi160.h>

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Data Fields

u8 average
struct bst_yas537_calib_data_t calib_yas537
s32 coef [3]
u8 dev_id
s8 hard_offset [3]
u16 last_after_rcoil [3]
u16 last_raw [4]
s8 measure_state
s8 overflow
const s8transform
struct yas_vector xyz

Field Documentation

u8 average

average selection for offset configuration

struct bst_yas537_calib_data_t calib_yas537

calib data

s32 coef[3]

co efficient data

u8 dev_id

device id information

s8 hard_offset[3]

offset write array

u16 last_after_rcoil[3]

rcoil write array

u16 last_raw[4]

raw data

s8 measure_state

update measure state

s8 overflow

over flow condition check

const s8* transform

transform condition check

struct yas_vector xyz

X, Y, Z measurement data of the sensor

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