XDK API  3.6.0
Data Fields
Mcu_Adc_Handle_S Struct Reference

Structure used as ADC handle. A pointer to this structure is wrapped in ADC_T for interface functions. More...

#include <SDK/xdk110/Common/source/Adc/Mcu_Adc_Handle.h>

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Data Fields

Mcu_Adc_Driver_T _DriverCtx
ADC_DMA_Callback_T DmaScanCallback
ADC_DMA_Callback_T DmaSingleCallback
ADC_TypeDef * Instance
ADC_IRQ_Callback_T IRQCallback
void * Link1RegPtr
void * Link2RegPtr
enum BCDS_HAL_TransferMode_E TransferMode

Detailed Description

This handle is a forward declared structure in BSP and

Field Documentation

Mcu_Adc_Driver_T _DriverCtx

context pointer to driver context, private member

ADC_DMA_Callback_T DmaScanCallback

Function invoked by BSP in case IRQ and Scan Conversion Complete DMA mode

ADC_DMA_Callback_T DmaSingleCallback

Function invoked by BSP in case IRQ and Single Conversion Complete DMA mode

ADC_TypeDef* Instance

HW instance for the Adc set by the BSP

ADC_IRQ_Callback_T IRQCallback

Function invoked by BSP in case IRQ and interrupt mode

void* Link1RegPtr

general purpose link register 1 (used for e.g. DMA Single Conversion Complete handle)

void* Link2RegPtr

general purpose link register 2 (used for e.g. DMA Scan Conversion Complete handle)

enum BCDS_HAL_TransferMode_E TransferMode

Set by BSP to tell MCU whether to use interrupt-mode or DMA

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