XDK API  3.6.0
Data Fields
BlePairingInfo Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/BLEStack/3rd-party/Alpwise/ALPW-BLESDKCM3/BLESW_CoreStack/Interfaces/BleSm.h>

Data Fields

U16 connHandle
union {
   SmRemoteAuthCapabilities   capabilities
   U8   passkeyDisplay [6]
   SmErrorCode   reason

Detailed Description

Definition for the BlePairingInfo type This type is used during the related PAIRING events: BLEEVENT_PAIRING_REQUEST, BLEEVENT_PASSKEY_REQUEST, BLEEVENT_PASSKEY_DISPLAY and BLEEVENT_PAIRING_COMPLETE to carry specific event information.

Field Documentation

The pairing capabilities of the remote device Only valid during the BLEEVENT_PAIRING_REQUEST event

U16 connHandle

The connection handle involved in the pairing procedure, always valid

U8 passkeyDisplay[6]

The passkey to display Only valid during the BLEEVENT_PASSKEY_DISPLAY event

SmErrorCode reason

The reason of the pairing failure Only valid during the BLEEVENT_PAIRING_COMPLETE event when status is BLESTATUS_FAILED

union { ... } sm

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