XDK API  3.6.0
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semphr. h

                    SemaphoreHandle_t xSemaphore,
                    TickType_t xBlockTime

Macro to obtain a semaphore. The semaphore must have previously been created with a call to xSemaphoreCreateBinary(), xSemaphoreCreateMutex() or xSemaphoreCreateCounting().

xSemaphoreA handle to the semaphore being taken - obtained when the semaphore was created.
xBlockTimeThe time in ticks to wait for the semaphore to become available. The macro portTICK_PERIOD_MS can be used to convert this to a real time. A block time of zero can be used to poll the semaphore. A block time of portMAX_DELAY can be used to block indefinitely (provided INCLUDE_vTaskSuspend is set to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h).
pdTRUE if the semaphore was obtained. pdFALSE if xBlockTime expired without the semaphore becoming available.

Example usage:

SemaphoreHandle_t xSemaphore = NULL;
// A task that creates a semaphore.
void vATask( void * pvParameters )
   // Create the semaphore to guard a shared resource.
   xSemaphore = xSemaphoreCreateBinary();
// A task that uses the semaphore.
void vAnotherTask( void * pvParameters )
   // ... Do other things.
   if( xSemaphore != NULL )
       // See if we can obtain the semaphore.  If the semaphore is not available
       // wait 10 ticks to see if it becomes free.
       if( xSemaphoreTake( xSemaphore, ( TickType_t ) 10 ) == pdTRUE )
           // We were able to obtain the semaphore and can now access the
           // shared resource.
           // ...
           // We have finished accessing the shared resource.  Release the
           // semaphore.
           xSemaphoreGive( xSemaphore );
           // We could not obtain the semaphore and can therefore not access
           // the shared resource safely.

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