XDK API  3.6.0
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task. h

void vTaskGetInfo( TaskHandle_t xTask, TaskStatus_t *pxTaskStatus, BaseType_t xGetFreeStackSpace, eTaskState eState );

configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY must be defined as 1 for this function to be available. See the configuration section for more information.

Populates a TaskStatus_t structure with information about a task.

xTaskHandle of the task being queried. If xTask is NULL then information will be returned about the calling task.
pxTaskStatusA pointer to the TaskStatus_t structure that will be filled with information about the task referenced by the handle passed using the xTask parameter.

The TaskStatus_t structure contains a member to report the stack high water mark of the task being queried. Calculating the stack high water mark takes a relatively long time, and can make the system temporarily unresponsive - so the xGetFreeStackSpace parameter is provided to allow the high water mark checking to be skipped. The high watermark value will only be written to the TaskStatus_t structure if xGetFreeStackSpace is not set to pdFALSE;

eStateThe TaskStatus_t structure contains a member to report the state of the task being queried. Obtaining the task state is not as fast as a simple assignment - so the eState parameter is provided to allow the state information to be omitted from the TaskStatus_t structure. To obtain state information then set eState to eInvalid - otherwise the value passed in eState will be reported as the task state in the TaskStatus_t structure.

Example usage:

void vAFunction( void )
TaskHandle_t xHandle;
TaskStatus_t xTaskDetails;
   // Obtain the handle of a task from its name.
   xHandle = xTaskGetHandle( "Task_Name" );
   // Check the handle is not NULL.
   configASSERT( xHandle );
   // Use the handle to obtain further information about the task.
   vTaskGetInfo( xHandle,
                 pdTRUE, // Include the high water mark in xTaskDetails.
                 eInvalid ); // Include the task state in xTaskDetails.

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