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Demo application for demonstrating Sigfox radio communication. More...

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file  AppController.c



Detailed Description

This example shows a demonstration of Sigfox radio communication.

You must have the innocomm sigfox extension board connected to the XDK extension bus. In this example, we wakeup the chip, sample the sensor datas and send as Cayenne LPP payload format. Several application related configurations (Like the sensors to sample, single-shot or periodic and such) are also available in AppController.h
. The number of payloads to be sent in 24 hours is limited to 140. Atleast one sensor must be enabled for sampling.

Macro Definition Documentation


APP_SIGFOX_WAKEUP_INTERVAL_IN_MS is the chip wakeup interval exceeding which if the chip is idle, it would go to sleep mode.


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