XDK API  3.6.0
aws_secure_sockets_config.h File Reference

Ensures that the required sockets configuration options are supplied and the optional ones are set to sane values if the user does not supply. More...

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#define AWS_CLIENT_CERT_KEY_FILE_NAME   "/certs/ClientCert.der"
#define AWS_CUSTOM_ROOT_CA_FILE_NAME   "/certs/CustomRootCA.crt"
#define AWS_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE_NAME   "/certs/PrivateKey.der"
#define AWS_ROOT_CA_FILE_NAME   "/certs/RootCA.der"
#define socketsconfigBYTE_ORDER   pdLITTLE_ENDIAN
 Byte order of the target MCU must be defined. More...
#define socketsconfigDEFAULT_RECV_TIMEOUT   ( 10000 )
 Default socket receive timeout. More...
#define socketsconfigDEFAULT_SEND_TIMEOUT   ( 10000 )
 Default socket send timeout. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AWS_CLIENT_CERT_KEY_FILE_NAME   "/certs/ClientCert.der"
#define AWS_CUSTOM_ROOT_CA_FILE_NAME   "/certs/CustomRootCA.crt"
#define AWS_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE_NAME   "/certs/PrivateKey.der"
#define AWS_ROOT_CA_FILE_NAME   "/certs/RootCA.der"
#define socketsconfigBYTE_ORDER   pdLITTLE_ENDIAN

Valid values are pdLITTLE_ENDIAN and pdBIG_ENDIAN.

#define socketsconfigDEFAULT_RECV_TIMEOUT   ( 10000 )

The user can change the receive timeout for a socket using the SOCKETS_SetSockOpt API with the SOCKETS_SO_RCVTIMEO option.

#define socketsconfigDEFAULT_SEND_TIMEOUT   ( 10000 )

The user can change the send timeout for a socket using the SOCKETS_SetSockOpt API with the SOCKETS_SO_SNDTIMEO option.

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