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LWM2MObjectLightControl.h File Reference

Interface header for LWM2MObjectLightControl file. More...

#include <Serval_Lwm2m.h>
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Data Structures

struct  LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_S
 LWM2M resource data for light control. More...


 LWM2M object id for light control. More...


typedef struct


void LWM2MObjectLightControl_Enable (bool testMode)
 Enable LWM2M object instances to start providing light controls. More...
void LWM2MObjectLightControl_Init (void)
 Initialize LWM2M object instances. Must be called before any other function call. More...


LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_T LightOrangeResources
 LWM2M resource data for instance 1. More...
LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_T LightRedResources
 LWM2M resource data for instance 0. More...
LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_T LightYellowResources
 LWM2M resource data for instance 2. More...

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Function Documentation

void LWM2MObjectLightControl_Enable ( bool  testMode)

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void LWM2MObjectLightControl_Init ( void  )

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Variable Documentation

LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_T LightOrangeResources
LWM2MObjectLightControl_Resource_T LightYellowResources

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