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BleDeviceInfoService.h File Reference
#include "XDK_BLE.h"
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Retcode_T BleDeviceInformationService_Initialize (BleDeviceInformationService_CharacteristicValue_T characteristicValue)
 This is to configure the user characteristics value for the BLE standard Device Information Service . More...
Retcode_T BleDeviceInformationService_Register (void)
 This API registers the BLE standard Device Information Service & needs to be called in the BLE GAP event callback function registered using the BlePeripheral_Initialize() API for proper operation. More...

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Retcode_T BleDeviceInformationService_Initialize ( BleDeviceInformationService_CharacteristicValue_T  characteristicValue)

Prerequisite: Failing to call this API before BleDeviceInformationService_Register() would result in unknown characteristics value for Device Information Service

characteristicValuestructure to hold the characteristic value.
Return values
RETCODE_OKif success RETCODE_FAILURE for error case
Retcode_T BleDeviceInformationService_Register ( void  )
Return values
RETCODE_OKif BLE Service Registered successfully RETCODE_FAILURE Failed to Register the Ble Device Info Service

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