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BSP_Charger_BQ2405X.c File Reference

Implementation of Charger BQ2405X BSP function. More...

#include "BCDS_BSP.h"
#include "BCDS_HAL.h"
#include "BSP_BoardType.h"
#include "BSP_BoardExtSettings.h"
#include "BSP_BoardSettings.h"
#include "BSP_BoardShared.h"
#include "BCDS_BSP_Charger_BQ2405X.h"
#include "BCDS_Assert.h"
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Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Connect (void)
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Disable (void)
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Disconnect (void)
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Enable (uint32_t control)
uint32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_GetIOState (uint32_t outPin)
uint32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_GetStatus (void)
int32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_MeasureSignal (uint32_t signal)


static bool chargerEnabled = false

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Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Connect ( void  )
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Disable ( void  )
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Disconnect ( void  )
Retcode_T BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_Enable ( uint32_t  control)
uint32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_GetIOState ( uint32_t  outPin)
uint32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_GetStatus ( void  )

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int32_t BSP_Charger_BQ2405X_MeasureSignal ( uint32_t  signal)

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Variable Documentation

bool chargerEnabled = false

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