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BCDS_RoutingTable.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Basics.h"
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
#include "PIp.h"
#include "Serval_Ip.h"
#include "BCDS_NetIF.h"
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Data Structures

struct  IncomingPortRoutingTable_Entry_S
 "Port Routing" of incoming UDP packets - important to specify which port is bound to incoming Udp source port: More...
struct  PortRoutingTable_Entry_S
 "Routing" of incoming TCP/UDP connections - here it's only important to specify which port is listened to on which interface: More...
struct  RoutingTable_Entry_S
 Routing table entry for outgoing IP connections. More...


#define ROUTING_TABLE_DEFAULT_PORT   ((Ip_Port_T) 0)
#define ROUTING_TABLE_DEFAULT_ROUTE   ((Ip_Address_T) 0)


typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct RoutingTable_Entry_S RoutingTable_Entry_T


void IncomingPortRoutingTable_DeInit (void)
 Deinitializes the incoming port routing table module. More...
Retcode_T IncomingPortRoutingTable_Init (const IncomingPortRoutingTable_Entry_T *incomingPortRoutingTable, uint8_t incomingPortRoutingTableLength)
 Initializes the incoming port routing table. More...
bool IncomingPortRoutingTable_IsInit (void)
 Checks if module incoming port routing table was initialized. More...
void RoutingTable_DeInit (void)
 Deinitializes the routing table module. More...
Retcode_T RoutingTable_Init (const RoutingTable_Entry_T *routingTable, uint8_t routingTableLength, const PortRoutingTable_Entry_T *portRoutingTable, uint8_t portRoutingTableLength)
 Initializes the routing table module. More...
bool RoutingTable_IsInit (void)
 Checks if module was initialized. More...
Retcode_T RoutingTable_Lookup (const Ip_Address_T destIp, const RoutingTable_Entry_T **entry)
 Finds a matching routing table entry. More...
Retcode_T RoutingTable_LookupIncomingPort2Port (const Ip_Port_T incomingPort, Ip_Port_T *port)
 Finds a matching port route fo the incoming udp source port. More...
Retcode_T RoutingTable_LookupPort2NetIf (const Ip_Port_T listeningPort, NetIF_Id_T *netif)
 Finds the interface on which we have to listen for a particular UDP port. More...

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